Commercial cleaning services are not interchangeable. The average individual is most likely aware of and grateful for the commercial janitorial company’s work; however, each cleaning company offers different services and likewise, a different technique.

If we were to state in this blog that there is an art to commercial janitorial work, there may be a few chuckles. Yet it is true: art is a process, as is the technique implemented into keeping a commercial office space, store, or public venue neat.

So if a commercial janitorial cleaning company stands out based on both their offerings combined with technique, what do we here at National Janitorial and Building Services bring to the table in both our home base of Kentucky and to the national industry? There are likely thousands of different commercial janitorial options; why choose us?


Your Daily Personal Cleaner

Among the services we offer, our basic janitorial services can perform waste removal, simple dusting, or any other sanitary process your business needs on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

Not every commercial cleaner is large enough to offer something as frequent as an affordable daily cleaning service. If another commercial janitorial cleaning company does offer those services, but at a higher rate, a customer likely chooses to only have them out once a month or even less frequently if the costs are too high.

National Janitorial and Building Services prides ourselves in making it affordable to have your facility maintained daily. No matter the size of your business, you should not have to decide between cost and cleanliness. We have tailored specialty packages to ensure your location stays spotless.


A Janitorial Work Of Art

Aside from diverse services, the technique is everything. If a grocery store with lofty warehouse ceilings needs the rafters and lighting fixtures dusted to ensure no contaminants descend into the fresh meat section, doing the work is only one part of the process; how that task is accomplished is just as vital.

How about floor cleaning? A commercial cleaning company may come in, sweep and mop the floors, and call it a day. Instead of stopping there, our team performs floor maintenance instead.

National Janitorial and Building Services uses a variety of cleaning supplies and equipment to strip, wax, polish, and vacuum as an effort to extend the longevity of both carpeted areas and tile floors. Our technique is unmatched, caring for your surfaces like they are our own. We work diligently to cover all areas while using our expertise in maintenance services gently clean, avoiding any accidental damage.


The Best Choice In Commercial Cleaning

Be sure to take full advantage of our diverse array of commercial cleaning and business services for your facility today! Call our representatives at National Janitorial and Building Services for a free quote and customizable services at 502-810-1240.

We approach every location we work on like a janitorial masterpiece, as the health and safety of your employees and customers alike are equally as valuable as a priceless work of art.