Commercial cleaning is essential to any business operating in a COVID-19 world. When you hire experienced professionals to clean and sanitize your environment, you make a great impression on potential customers. Learn the importance of commercial cleaning on your business:


Customer Perception

As soon as your customers walk in the door, they get an initial gut reaction about your business. Employees and business owners likely don’t have the time it takes to deep clean a space and make it shine. This can give your customers a less than stellar perception of your business, especially in the COVID-19 era. Instead, hire someone to manage that task for you, such as a janitorial service, so your customers are instantly and consistently wowed by your business.


Employee Productivity

If your employees are constantly distracted by dingy work spaces or have to stop what they’re doing to clean up, it’s unlikely that they are being as effective as they could be. An unclean work environment may also add to individuals’ COVID-19 anxiety, lowering productivity. To maximize employee productivity (and help keep your staff in good health!), give them a clean, properly sanitized environment to thrive in. 


Lower Costs

Hiring a professional cleaning service is generally less expensive than having to tackle it yourself or having your employees manage it. In addition to having the tools to get the job done quickly, a commercial cleaning service has the experience to move through cleaning tasks more quickly than any employee. They also won’t get distracted by the other tasks they need to do as part of their jobs. This means that you get more for your money by hiring a commercial cleaning service than by asking your employees to do the same job.


Increased Longevity

If your carpets (and other materials) are regularly cleaned, it’s likely that they will stand the test of time better than their counterparts that are cleaned less regularly. To help your space stand up to the normal wear and tear that comes with everyday use, make sure they’re cleaned on a regular basis.

At National Janitorial and Building Services, we offer world-class commercial cleaning services that meet the specific needs of your business. When you choose us as your commercial cleaning company, you get much more than standard office cleaning. You’re getting a full janitorial services solution with the highest quality standards. Our consistency in commercial cleaning has been created by 30 years of experience in industrial cleaning and building maintenance. We have the best janitorial equipment and certified cleaning crews to clean your facility. Contact us today!